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New Zealand School is, since 1998, a bilingual, private, coeducational and secular school that seeks the formation of children and teenagers, developing all the abilities that each student possesses as a unique being, proposing strategies and activities that allow the construction of critical judgment and the conquest of all those spaces that are proposed. Our mission is to promote the development of the student in all aspects (bio-psycho-social).
Through projects where the different intelligences are put into play, the students' capacities are enhanced and they are prepared to be active actors in the world they are part of. 

We are facing a society where constant change is the only permanent thing, and it is for this reason that our main objective is to teach how to learn through an academic demand, always looking for creativity, education in values and responsibility towards the environment and society. Students of more than 10 nationalities integrate our educational community, allowing us to have a globalized cultural vision.




The New Zealand Exchange Program is exclusive to New Zealand School. It is an opportunity for our students to get to know a different culture, education and society, develop tolerance and receptiveness to diversity, make new friendships, motivate themselves and improve their English, and acquire greater independence in order to solve everyday situations. This experience is lived every February with the graduating class of our institution.

The first stage of the program consists of attending Rangitoto College, choosing subjects such as: dance, photography, science, mathematics, literature, among many others. During this period they enjoy staying with New Zealand families. The second stage includes a tour of the different scenarios that the North Island offers, combining visits to museums, practice of nautical sports, and sharing new adventures and activities, including those of the day to day. The students are welcome in NZ and Rangitoto College, they live this experience as unique and unrepeatable, and recommend it to future generations of New Zealand School.




personal information

1.   Interview with Principal

2.   Tuition payment

3.   Evaluation Test

4.   Interview with psychologist (student and parents)

5.   Registration with student's data

  • Photocopy of ID

  • Photocopy of vaccination card

  • Photocopy of birth certificate or marriage certificate

  • Photocopy of "Carné del niño" 

  • ID card photo 

  • Last report card

  • School pass

  • Debt free letter


interview request

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Do not hesitate to contact us at Reception from Monday to Friday at 8.30am-16:30 pm: 

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Cooper 2271

11400 Montevideo, Uruguay



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